About Dr. X

Doctor XDr. X is an alien philosopher, scientist, and psychologist living on Earth. Born on Planet X, he grew up as a science-loving kid fascinated by a distant planet called Earth. After high school, he flew all the way to Earth via an alien student exchange program, to receive his higher education and eventually earn his degrees in multiple disciplines. His professional jobs on Earth include scientific research and teaching, space exploration, and general counseling. In particular, his rather unconventional counseling philosophy and methodology is known to be occasionally effective.

He lives in his own spacecraft called xPOD, together with his assistant Mulpy, an alien dog. They reside in the city of Las Aliens, where humans and aliens (and even animals) get along peacefully. The episodes of “Dr. X” reflect the various facets of his life on Earth as well as the world he sees through his own alien eyes.